What is the World Coming To?

I just saw this and it pissed me off enough to get me off my ass and back in the posting game.

2-in-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad

Seriously? Kids need a special potty seat with an iPad holder to help them learn how to use the potty? They can’t just sit there? Fucking ridiculous. How on earth did people learn to use the toilet before iPads were invented?! It’s amazing we aren’t all still squatting in the dirt.

So… I’m back. More food/recipes coming soon. Just had to get this off my chest.

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Babies and Brain Tumors

I think I might change the title of this blog to “I work, I mom, I cook… I get sliced open” because lately that seems to be happening just as much. Since the last time I posted here…

  • I got pregnant
  • Had a baby boy via c-section
  • Found out a month later that I had a benign brain tumor (my second!)
  • Weaned my 6-week-old in a week
  • Underwent brain surgery that lasted 14 hours
  • Woke up from surgery and couldn’t move my left arm
  • Spent two weeks in a rehabilitation hospital
  • Had another operation in early November to figure out why my arm still doesn’t work
  • Have double vision

My body is scarred and weary. My spirit is drained. I am physically and mentally worn out. But I’m still here, plugging away. I’m still here because, as a mom, what choice do I have? My kids’ lives go on; there is still laundry to do, dinners to be made, stories to be read, potting training, diapers, bottles… the list is endless.

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Nice Butt!

This post is about pulled pork barbeque. If you thought it was about something else, I’m sorry to disappoint.

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New Cocktail Alert

They say necessity is the mother of invention… so is laziness. My husband and I were in the mood for mojitos but didn’t want to schlep to the store to get mint or white rum. We put together this cocktail with what we had on hand and it was pretty damn tasty. For the first time in my life, the desire to sit on my ass actually paid off!

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When Bad Food Happens To Good Cooks

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try or how hard you work, you end up cooking a crappy meal.

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The Experiment – In Conclusion

After our week of eating light and healthy, my husband and I both agreed we were still desperate for a cheeseburger. However, both of us lost 3 or so pounds, which I guess was a positive thing. We also agreed to continue on, believe it or not. But I had to swear we’d add some meat back into our diet.

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The Experiment – Day 3

There’s nothing to fucking eat in this house! I’m fucking starving! Who lives like this… ON PURPOSE?!

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