No More Nuggets!!!

We just got back from a family vacation on the West coast. The vacation itself was fabulous; the kids were great and it was nice to spend time together as a family. But damn, by the third day, I was already so fucking tired of eating bar food. More fries? More flatbread pizzas? More grilled chicken sandwiches? The only places we could take the brats were places that had a “kid’s menu” ergo… brew pubs, breweries, et al.

As I sat on the plane coming home I kept thinking about groceries… what I would buy, what I wanted to eat. I just wanted to taste something that hadn’t been shipped frozen in large bags, a salad that hadn’t been overdressed. I didn’t give a shit what the kids ate. This was my turn.

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One Man’s Trash…

As much as I try, I just can’t seem to cook quinoa properly. I’ve tried various methods but it always ends up badly. Instead of individual fluffy grains, I get a big gloppy mess. Too much water? Overcooked? Who knows. Even when I follow a recipe to the letter, it’s a disaster.

This past weekend I decided to give it one last shot. If I couldn’t do it this time, I swore to myself, I would give up completely and resign myself to buying it from the Whole Foods buffet and just heating it up when I needed it. Once again the alchemy escaped me and I was left with thick, gloppy glue. I tasted it and it had a vaguely cinnamon flavor. Who knows where that came from but it was obvious to me that I would have to dump the whole batch into the garbage disposal YET AGAIN… or would I?

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CSA Salsa Verde

What do you do with leftover herbs and stuff? Pesto it.

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Pulled Pork Breakfast Sammies

Leftovers in the fridge turned into this…


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Holy Crap, They Ate It!

In a true sign that end days are nigh, my family all sat around the dinner table last night eating the same meal. I swear, miracles never cease.

I wasn’t sure I would get away with making only one dinner. I thought for sure I’d hear moans and groans if not full-force wailing and a flat-out refusal to eat. I was thus in shock when we actually shared a Sunday dinner together. (Full disclosure: I hadn’t actually fed them a meal since breakfast so they probably would’ve eaten roadkill if that’s what I had put on their plates but I’m still totally considering this a win.)

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Grocery Lists

Every weekend, I have a ritual. I sit down with a scrap of paper and a pen, and plan a week’s worth of dinners. My husband HATES this part of the weekend, mostly because:

1. He thinks it’s completely insane to plan Thursday’s dinner on a Saturday or Sunday. (If he had his way, he’d shop for what he wanted to eat day of. I’ve told him repeatedly that with two kids, going to the store after work is NOT an option.)

2. When I ask him what he wants to eat this week and he gives me ideas, I completely ignore him. (I see his point here. I do ask him what he wants and then sometimes tell him, ‘Nope’ but that’s mostly because he doesn’t really know how much effort it takes to make what he wants. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just trying to get dinner on the damn table at the end of a long day. Risotto ain’t an option!)

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Pork and Winter Vegetable Stew

When I got to Whole Foods yesterday, I had the intention of doing something with winter vegetables. I was recently shamed by a produce guy when I made some comment about the lack of arugula or something and he tells me how there’s a drought in California and that it might mean we’ll all have to start eating seasonally again… you know, like we used to. Jeez! So I backed off the green leafy veggies and put some blueberries in my cart when I saw he wasn’t looking. Screw you, Whole Foods produce guy!

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