The frittata is amazing for multiple reasons:

  • It gets rid of the leftover “bits and pieces” that won’t fill you on their own. Adding eggs gives them bulk and cleans out the fridge.
  • It’s a one-pot dish so there’s very little clean-up.
  • It can be served hot or at room temp so you can eat whenever.
  • It’s easy and quick to make.
  • It’s great for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.
  • It’s cheap!

It was slim pickins in the fridge the other day: I had 1 link of grilled Italian sausage, 6 boiled fingerling potatoes, less than 1/4 cup of Pecorino Romano cheese and 4 eggs. I sliced up the sausage and potatoes, and crisped them up in some olive oil. I beat the eggs, added the cheese and poured it over the sausage and potatoes. After a couple of minutes to let the eggs set in the pan and brown on the bottom, I stuck the pan under the broiler for a minute or so to cook the top.

sausage and potato frittata

Done. Full bellies, clean fridge, no food wasted, no money spent.

Free-Form Frittatas

Don’t be afraid to grab whatever’s in sight… for instance:

  • Leftover potato chips are great in eggs. Chef José Andrés even has a recipe for a potato/egg omelet in his tapas cookbook. This dish is guaranteed to be a hit with the kids too. They’ll love crumbling the chips into the eggs.
  • Leftover tortilla chips. Crumble them into beaten eggs for chilaquiles. Add shredded cheddar, top it with some salsa and you’re good to go.
  • Leftover pasta. Either with sauce from the night before or just plain.

Happy Cooking!


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