One of the best memories from the summer involves a mother-daughter trip to the farmer’s market. As I was standing in line to pay for some peaches, I realized that the kid had stuck her finger in one of them which somehow branded the peach “TO BE EATEN IMMEDIATELY” in my mind. I stood there for a second, wondering how on earth I was going to feed this child this piece of fruit. She was in a carrier, I had my hands full and there was no real place to sit down. How was I going to get this into pieces small enough for her to handle? How would she fare with the skin? She only has 4 teeth!

I took a bite of the peach. I was in a state of panic! I didn’t know what to do! So… I ate. What else could I do?

The peach was delicious! I could see why the kid was so anxious to get her hands on it. I was tempted to polish it off myself… I mean, I couldn’t figure out a good way to have the kid eat it.

I decided to give her one shot, and one shot only, before I gobbled it up. Yes, I probably was breaking cardinal mommy rules at that moment (It hasn’t been washed, she could ingest pesticides! She’s not sitting up properly to eat it and could choke! She could bite off too big a piece and could – again — choke!). Whatever.

I peeled off some of the skin (ate it, really) and put the peach up to her mouth, just to see what would happen. I could see her tasting it and then sure enough, the kid managed to get her top 2 teeth into some of the peach and from there, there was no stopping her. She proceeded to hack itty-bitty pieces off with those mini-chiclet teeth of hers. The peach was so ripe and juicy, and got mashed as soon as she got the flesh between her gums. I kept peeling the skin back and putting it up to her mouth, and she kept on eating. There were peach juices everywhere – all over the straps of the carrier, all down her face and in the nooks and crannies of her neck. Aside from the skin and a couple of bites, the kid ate the entire thing.

It was the best peach I’d ever had.

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