Some things I learned when making my own baby food

  1. If your approach involves making mush from fresh veggies, you will definitely be slave to the season the kid becomes “food-ready” in. Sweet potatoes and squash (favorites of babies) are all fall/winter vegetables. When was the last time you tried to puree springtime baby greens?
  2. Carrots take a long-ass time to cook. Yes, I have put them in a pot roast and after 3 hours they are mushy but when you’re standing over a pot of carrot chunks waiting for them to reach baby gum mushability, you really are aware just how long they take to get soft. I cooked them for 30 minutes and they STILL weren’t soft enough. They took so long I eventually forgot I had them on the stove until I smelled them burning. Grrr!
  3. My preferred apple is not my daughter’s preferred apple: She thought Granny Smiths were too tart. Cooked some Red Delicious for her (which I loathe) and she gobbled them right up. Added a little cinnamon too. You can’t cook apples and NOT add cinnamon. That’s just wrong.
  4. Butternut squash are mostly water (at least that’s what it seems like when you cook a squash and run it through a food mill because there isn’t that much left!)
  5. Despite the best of intentions to expose your child to new foods, babyfood options are limited. I tried adding some dried spices (like ginger, curry, etc.) to the veggies for new tastes.
  6. The period of time between when they start solids and when they can eat itty bitty bites of real food is much shorter than you think. Avoid investing in any special tools or equipment. So not worth the money.
  7. Jarred meat products are nasty. I tried to avoid them at all costs and gave her tofu for protein. Soon after that, this kid with 2 teeth was scarfing down shredded sliced turkey, scrambled eggs, pasta, peas, berries and fruit (she hates bananas though. What a weirdo!).

    One thought on “Babyfood 101

    1. I could have written this one lady! Too funny – and for the record, the bananas I think are an on again off again thing. Joey LOVED them for 2 wks when he first started food, then I think he was 3 before I got him to eat them again and now he loves them! Mia – loves them some days and throws them on the floor others (someone needs to tell her we don’t have a dog). Sophie, loves nearly anything you put in front of her EXCEPT tomatoes – she does to tomatoes what Mia does to bananas. So weird. They are carnivores – I can hear them chanting “TUR-KEY, TUR-KEY” right now – haha. Tip on the carrots (all of mine eat these like crazy, and the only juice Joey drank til we moved here was carrot juice) – invest the time in cooking a boat load of them one day and put them in the fridge. Joey still requests “cold but soft” carrots. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve burned them to the bottom of the pan though….

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