ravioli with brown butter and sage

The most taxing part of this meal is waiting for a pot of water to boil. Otherwise, it’s about as simple and fast as you get. Buy some ravs and keep them in the freezer then all you’ll need to pick up is some sage whenever you feel like making this. If you don’t already have butter in your house, shame on you.

You can use pumpkin or butternut squash ravs in this, I usually use cheese (I’m a simple gal). I’m very particular about my ravioli and have yet to find any that rival Raffetto’s spinach and ricotta. Ah, New York. How I miss thee!

Here we go…

Boil some water. Once boiling, add some salt and drop in the ravs.

While the ravs cook, dump a stick of butter into a small pot along with a handful of whole fresh sage leaves. Seriously, don’t skimp. If you think that it’s too much butter (is there such a thing?), you’ll be very sorry later on. Too much is just enough.

The melting butter will go through a few stages:

– The stick will turn into a liquid
– The liquid will start to foam and bubble – dump the sage leaves in at this point
– Eventually the milk solids in the butter will start to brown.

Swirl the pot around so the butter moves around and doesn’t end up burning. You’ll know you’re on the right track when things start to smell nutty. The moment it turns brown, turn off the heat. The heat from the pot will continue to cook the butter so turning it off now is a good way to ensure it doesn’t burn.

The ravs should be ready by now (or soon).

Serve the ravs topped with plenty of the sage brown butter, including a few crispy sage leaves, some Parm and fresh black pepper.

Happy Cooking!


One thought on “Ravioli with Brown Butter and Sage

  1. I think I know what we are having for dinner tonight. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep the ideas coming.

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