Sent hubby to the store in anticipation of the big storm heading our way. On the menu:

  • Roast chicken. There’s so much that can be done with any leftovers (sandwiches, soup, stock) and the smell of roast chicken only adds to the bliss of being home-bound for a day or so.
  • Sausage pizza. I have dough in the freezer and cheese and sauce in the fridge. It’s only a matter of putting the pieces together.
  • Veggies. Don’t have any of those in my pantry and I’ll feel too guilty if I just stock up on cheese, bread and bread and cheese.
  • Turkey chili. Hearty, warm and flavorful. Perfect for wintery weather!
  • Bacon and cheese quiche. Hey, I’ll be stuck in the house all day. What else is there to do except eat and cook? I’ve been on a quiche kick lately because I’ve finally realized how easy they are. The dough (yes, I make my own dough) takes all of 5 minutes in a food processor. I fry up the bacon and then use the pan drippings to grease the tart pan. Comes out beautifully every time! Here’s the recipe (it’s not mine).

OK, so it’s only going to snow a few inches and this “menu” is rather extensive. But you never know what you’ll be in the mood for… and there’s only so much “storm coverage” you can watch on TV. At least I’m prepared!


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