I’m in a rut. I’m bored with my repertoire and yet I don’t have the energy to try anything new. I’m not really craving anything but also find myself gravitating towards comfort food, the less healthy the better (mac and cheese, pizza, etc.). Mid-winter doldrums? Lack of inspiration? Who knows.

Because getting dinner on the table on weeknights is a challenge in itself, I am loath to complicate things by attempting something I’ve never tried before or even have to think about when I’m cooking. And thus I find myself making the same things over and over again. I’m sure every person who cooks finds themselves in this place every now and again… it’s hard not to. Everyone has those meals they can put together half-drunk with their eyes closed with minimal effort and brain power. It’s stepping out of that comfort zone that can prove daunting Mondays through Fridays. The last thing I want to happen at the end of a crap-tastic day is go through the rigamarole of trying something new, only to wish I had just ordered in to begin with.

At least the kid doesn’t care if she eats the same thing over and over again… because she does. Tortellini, applesauce and lots and lots of broccoli. The fact that she likes broccoli is great, except I find myself wishing someone would come out with Bean-o for kids.

Included in this week’s menu are a super-easy dish I haven’t made in a while as well as a soup I’ve outlined in my head but still have yet to finalize. Who knows what I’ll end up throwing in it or if it will even taste good but I have to get myself out of this rut somehow.

And if it works, I’ll be sure to share the recipe!


4 thoughts on “Zzzz…

  1. I can’t muster up the wherewithall to do anything but order these days! (And I’m sure that more than just the little one needs the Bean-o…just saying…)

  2. Hey Lisa! I am just getting out of work and agonizing about the same thing! I think we are gonna go buy Chinese dumplings at the neighborhood Chinese market. Don’t forget to throw in a bit of Parmesan rind if your making any soup like Minestrone!
    ciaociao! M.

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