Yesterday I got the call most moms dread… the one from daycare telling you your child’s sick and you need to pick them up. Suddenly, you’re in a semi-frenzied state, trying to tie up loose ends at work, letting folks know you’re leaving, shooting off emails to let people know you won’t be able to attend their meeting and trying to figure out if you’ll have time to do any work at home. Since my daycare is across the street from my office, I think I have it easier than most. There’s no public transportation or traffic to beat. I just left the office, scooped up the kid and we were on our way home just like that.

A sick kid is no fun, this I’ll give you, but I confess that I’ve found a secret joy in the past 24 hours. If I had been getting puked on or dealing with pooping issues, I doubt I’d say the same.

While looking at my child’s feverish face and attempting — in vain — to console her when she wakes up in the middle of the night tugs at my heartstrings, the fact that my toddler is snuggling up with me, lying still and falling asleep on me like she used to when she was a newborn has given me precious moments when I can just breathe her in, look at her face and feel how much she needs me. Yes, I sound like I drank the mommy Kool-Aid today and that might be because I’ve been awake since 3:30 (how well can one sleep with baby feet jammed in your side and drool running down your arm) but I think all of us have these moments.

Tomorrow, hopefully, she’ll be running around, back on that path of independence and I’ll be the first one to push her in that direction. Today, however, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of being needed… being Mommy.


3 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. I don’t know whether to weep after reading that or roll my eyes and say, “Geeez.” I’ll opt for the latter because it would be more your style.

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