After our week of eating light and healthy, my husband and I both agreed we were still desperate for a cheeseburger. However, both of us lost 3 or so pounds, which I guess was a positive thing. We also agreed to continue on, believe it or not. But I had to swear we’d add some meat back into our diet.

I think the best thing both of us realized this week was that we need to eat dinner earlier than we have been. Until now, although I was genuinely hungry around the time I fed the kid, it was just easier to make dinner for us after she went to bed, which meant we didn’t really end up eating our meal until 8:30/9:00 in the evening. By that time, I had polished off most of her leftovers in addition to snacking while I’m cooking. I still ate my entire dinner, mind you. How many “dinners” does that make in one night? I lost count.

This week, we’re going to experiment with eating early, with the kid. I’ll cook one meal, for all of us (Hopefully! You know how feeding a toddler can be). Then we can put her to bed and I can spend the rest of my evening parked on the couch watching bad TV instead of worrying about getting my husband and myself fed.

Hopefully, the kid won’t starve to death and/or we won’t end up eating scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese goldfish for dinner all week.


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