I think I might change the title of this blog to “I work, I mom, I cook… I get sliced open” because lately that seems to be happening just as much. Since the last time I posted here…

  • I got pregnant
  • Had a baby boy via c-section
  • Found out a month later that I had a benign brain tumor (my second!)
  • Weaned my 6-week-old in a week
  • Underwent brain surgery that lasted 14 hours
  • Woke up from surgery and couldn’t move my left arm
  • Spent two weeks in a rehabilitation hospital
  • Had another operation in early November to figure out why my arm still doesn’t work
  • Have double vision

My body is scarred and weary. My spirit is drained. I am physically and mentally worn out. But I’m still here, plugging away. I’m still here because, as a mom, what choice do I have? My kids’ lives go on; there is still laundry to do, dinners to be made, stories to be read, potting training, diapers, bottles… the list is endless.

When I got home from rehab, I had a new baby that I needed to bond with and a 3-year-old that I needed to reassure after so much time away. I also was desperate to ease the burden my amazing husband had been carrying while I was sick. This has been my focus for the past (almost) five months and this will be the focus of my blog for a while.

But don’t worry – a woman’s still gotta eat! I’ll be posting recipes and sharing cooking tips but I might also be posting advice for putting on a bra, picking up a baby and doing your hair one-handed. Exciting, I know. But this is my life now, as shitty as it is. Oh, I might be bitching as well. After all, my personality hasn’t changed!


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