Besides making lists, a key element to getting dinner on the table after work is advance prep. Rainy Sundays are perfect because I get to spend the day doing what I love most without the pressure of having to take the kids outside before they kill each other. It might be Lord of the Flies in the playroom but mom’s got sauce to make!

It’s a dreary Sunday here and I’ve got a full day of cooking ahead of me. Here my plan of attack:

  1. Coffee. I think I’m coming down with or have a cold already. I slept 11 hours last night and I’m still dragging.
  2. Red Lentil Soup. Planning on having this on Halloween after trick-or-treating so it’s imperative it’s heat-and-eat. The kids will have hot dogs. A nutritious base before attacking their candy stash.
  3. Banana Muffins. Breakfast is so much easier when there’s muffins. And I’ve got four rotting bananas on my counter that need to be put to good use before they liquify.
  4.  Roast the poblanos. We’re having enchiladas this week so getting this done now would mean all I have to do is roll them up, plop them in a casserole dish and pour sauce over them. I might grate the cheese today too.
  5. Cook the ziti. I’m making baked ziti (one of my all-time faves) this week. I could assemble the casserole while the oven preheats and cooking the pasta ahead of time saves me from dealing with it day of. I’m debating if I want to put the whole thing together ahead of time but a) I’m not sure I have enough room in the fridge and b) I don’t want it to dry out. Sauce to pasta ratio is key to a good baked ziti. And putting sauce on top throws it all off for me.
  6. Make breadcrumbs and bread the chicken. We’re having chicken cutlets tonight. I like to get the chicken breaded a little ahead of time so the cutlets can dry out in the fridge a bit. They turn out crispier that way.

Seems manageable. After this is done, I get to figure out how to create a s’more costume for my daughter. Maybe I’ll just tell my husband how I think he should do it.

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